Thursday, March 11, 2010

Enjoying the rain coming down. It's a little easier to focus when its rainin than sunny out. getting really excited about this season and all thats in it. Getting ready to till my garden and start plantin veggies. Not sure if I want to start potatoes in a bale of straw or in the dirt. Friends tell me that the potatoes are cleaner without scars in the straw vs the ground. We'll see if the theory works. My son rocket is almost crawling. I think he's going to walk before he crawls. We go to his fourth swim lesson today and he's excited. I don't know if you really call it a swim lesson, But he doesn't know the difference. He loves being on his back in the water and doesn't mind being dunked under water. Very relaxed little boy. Pots are fillin up in the studio and some new ideas are surfacing. Getting ready to change out thermocouples and get to the firing. My buddy Toney and I leave for John C Cambell folkschool in a couple weeks. toneys going to be my assistant but I doubt I'll be able to get him to wedge clay for me. He's a really good potter and good friend. It'll be a good time and experience. Thats what its all about. 4 bridges art festival here in chattanooga is about here. It falls on my birthday so beer will be consumed to all who come in my path. Being a full time dad is awsome and tough. So much to learn from children. I've come to realize innocence again through my sons eyes. We seem to lose touch with it as we get older and see more. Going back out to work and play with the kid. Talk later